Summer Project: Wildflower Bedroom


dscn0510My husband and I promised our youngest daughter that she could have a new bedroom for her birthday this year, so of course we made big plans…. and revised… and revised… and then set to work.  This is the creation of our collaboration and the dreams of our girl.


Solid walnut with spalted maple slats

My part in this room was the mural.  It took about 60 hours and is worth every second of that!

The first stage was to draw it out in chalk and choose paint colors. My E wanted a certain shade of purple, so I got color samples from the swatch and then chose about 6 other shades of purple that would compliment her choices.  I also mixed some of the colors to lighten/darken the shades and used a black artist paint to fill in certain details. The base color of the wall is a light lavender.

The second stage was to evaluate what flower I wanted to paint first, based on its size and relative location in the mural.  The first flower I chose was a large one that has other flowers  overlapped on top.  I chose my daughter’s favorite color for these flowers since they are so big and take up a large amount of the wall space.

The last stage was to fill in the empty spaces with small accent flowers that are not as detailed, but serve to give the mural fullness and interest.  Again, I chose to use my daughter’s favorite color for these.


The loft gives her so much floor space, a commodity in a small room like hers


Here are the images of the progression:



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